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Remember your 'Go-To's'

Happy Friday and what a week of weather too!

I posted this image during the initial lockdown in 2020. I've been reflecting this week on that time and can't quite believe it was 2 years ago that we went into lockdown and home-school commenced. I created this image during that time as a 'Go To' for myself and others.

This week I realised how relevant it still is for all of us every day and I've challenged myself on how frequently I do these things. So many conversations I've had this week have featured the great weather and the difference it has made to mood and well-being. It's also made us appreciate nature and all we have around us. I've looked up a lot this week at the sky, the trees and the birds and felt so grateful for my environment - more so than ever before given the continuing war in Ukraine.

I hope this visual helps you to remind yourself of what's important and how you can help yourself and others. Choose one or two bullets from the picture and commit to them today - reflect on how they help you and others at the end of today.

Have a great weekend ahead


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