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Rewarding progress

A quick reminder today on the importance of rewarding progress and recognising how and why doing this helps us continue to progress and achieve.

My son achieved an award this week at school for his perseverance and progress in respect of his handwriting – it’s something he has struggled with but he has steadily improved and persevered. His award was for his effort, hard-work, perseverance and super progress.. As result I said he could choose a small treat for his hard work. He chose a teddy bear on-line (image below)! I didn’t realise the teddy was a metre high - it’s not far off the height of my son! However big or small this teddy is a reminder to him of how hard he has worked and how well he has progressed with his handwriting, it’s also an incentive to keep going - I won’t be buying a bigger bear for the record!

It made me reflect on how often we reward ourselves and others for the little wins and the progress made in life and in work. These rewards don’t need to cost much and many don’t need to cost a penny.

Ask yourself today.....

-How am I specifically rewarding myself and others for progress achieved?

-What more can I do to recognise and reward progress?

-What would a reward for my own progress look like?

-How can I start to understand how those I lead/work with want to be rewarded for progress?

-What one action do I want to take as a result of reading this blog today?

If you are managing and leading others it is critical to find out how those you lead like and want to be rewarded for progress -what works for you often won't work for others so don't presume, explore, ask and listen. It is also important for us all to strive for progress not perfection.


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