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Self Care

Happy Friday!

I wanted to share this brilliant illustration by Kirsty Ferguson for the Cameron Grant Memorial Trust. I was given this as a postcard by a friend who has recently lost a friend to suicide, I decided to research the charity behind the postcard and make a donation. The trust was established by Carol and Evan Grant in memory of their son Cameron who took his own life aged just 21. The trust helps to do the following:

  • Raise awareness of young suicide

  • Urge all who are suffering in silence to speak up and ask for help

  • Support all who are fighting to overcome poor mental health, especially young people, and especially where this can be done through outdoor activities like hill-walking and Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

  • Assist in the provision of education and support that will help to increase awareness and knowledge of the issues around mental health and well-being for all and especially amongst young people

You can visit their page here to find out more or make a donation.…

Their work is truly inspiring.

The illustration is a powerful reminder to all of us about how crucial self-care is. I’ve been reflecting on my own over the last month. Arch inspire has had a record 6 months which I am so very grateful for and I am now looking forward to spending quality time with my family, spending in the moment time with my 3 wonderful children, making memories as well as recharging and refreshing myself.

See you all in September and thank you for all the lovely comments and e-mails I get regularly from writing this Friday blog – knowing that it’s read, has an impact for people, makes people stop for a few minutes and is shared with others is the reason why I write it. It’s been going strong for 4 years now!

Now here’s to a sunnier few weeks!


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