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Take a break

Happy Friday! A quick blog post today but an important one. Given I work with many clients to help them regain balance and control in their lives, we regularly focus on the importance of taking 'real breaks' to help them reset and recharge. The benefits of this are ten fold but we often don't listen to the signals our bodies and minds are telling us which signify that we need to take a break. I work with clients to help them define what a 'real break' means for them as it will mean different things to us all. I also work hard to practice what I preach as a Coach so I am taking a real break for the next 2 weeks to reset, recharge and spend time with my family and friends in the moment. I feel so fortunate that I have been able to work as much as I have over the school holidays this year and I am now looking forward to the next 2 weeks focusing on relaxing, resetting and recharging myself. Many of you know I am a fan of Liz and Mollie (No Hard Feelings) and their illustrations represent powerful lessons for us all so I am taking one of the below! See you in September and have a super weekend.


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