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Turn off the Tech

Happy Friday,

A reminder today about the important of 'Turning off Tech' when we need to reset and recharge. Our phones switch off when they are empty of power and need recharging but how often do we do the same?

The outage on Monday of Whats App, Face Book and Instagram made me pause to think. I read on Twitter (how ironic!) - 'the repercussions of Whats App being down in the world are far reaching and devastating'. Powerful words indeed! Whilst I understand the impact, there was a time when we operated without this platform.

I personally enjoyed the break from Whats App. Even though I don't have any notifications switched on for any app on my phone I liked the fact that messages were not coming through! It also made me think how much I use this app, I rarely get sent a text message anymore - there was a time when texts were cutting edge!

I've challenged myself on how much I turn my phone off and leave it alone - I want and need to do much better. I have started leaving my phone at home more when I do the walk to school - not only does it distract me from talking to the children, it means I am constantly 'on'. We have given my daughter a phone recently too (which is a novelty for her at the moment!). If she sees me on it all the time it sends out a signal that it's ok to be too.

Simple challenge for you today - turn off your phone or put it away out of sight in another room for 30 minutes and see what happens! It’s amazing what you see when you are not distracted - I spotted a tiny field mouse yesterday on my cool down after my run. I crouched down along side it for ages - I have thought about that little mouse ever since!

By the way the phone in this picture is off - my photographer can vouch for it too!

Have a great weekend.


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