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We made it to Friday! - Circle of Control

We made it to Friday! I want to help you focus on your Circle of Control this week - I've used this extensively with clients over the last 2 weeks - it's really helped them to focus on what they can do during this time both personally and professionally instead of focusing too heavily on what's outside of their direct control which can quite frankly be over-whelming at times.

I've added my own circle below to help bring this to life for you. The inner circle captures what I can control and the outer on what I can't directly. I completed this at the start of the week, it's really helped me when I've had feelings/thoughts of uncertainty, fear and emotion. Focusing on the inner circle has resulted in me:

*Supporting Amy, Alfie and Charlie to have fun, relax and learn not as a teacher but as 'Mummy' *Supporting clients virtually *Registering as a volunteer coach for NHS front-line workers *Having 'house party' socials - including a virtual quiz! *Being kind to myself *Limiting how much news I watch/listen to *Offering to help clients/friends/family as a Coach *Planning my virtual offering-more next week *Accepting that work has been cancelled/postponed and trusting it will return I'd be delighted to help you with this - do get in touch

Stay safe, keep talking

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