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Your Reservoir of Resilience - Confidence Tip 2

This week we focus on the importance of building a 'reservoir of resilience'. When working with clients on confidence, we focus on identifying our strengths to help remind ourselves of what we are truly capable of.

We also focus on resilience to help us find the confidence and courage when we want to grow, develop and achieve new things. Identifying how capable we have been in the past reminds us of the resources we have to achieve and overcome new experiences or challenges. Basically the fuller your resilience reservoir the more inner resources you have to help you achieve.

My mentor shared with me years ago now the power of having a reservoir of resilience (an ROR) - I've used it ever since. We know that a reservoir needs water to keep it full. In the same way creating your ROR requires you to keep filling it with resources, evidence and examples of what you are capable of, which you can then draw on when you want to feel, think and act confidently.

My call to action this week:

1- Create a ROR folder (an on-line folder in your email is quick and easy way to do this)

2-Fill it with any of the following: great feedback from clients, recommendations, thanks for great work you have done, testimonials, endorsements.

3-Keep filling it and drawing on it regularly - it works


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