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And we are off - week 1 of lockdown

And we're off... I created this image to illustrate family life for us over the coming months. Like so many families we are now going to be juggling work and children in a new and different way. Life in the UK over the last 7 days has turned on it's axis and we now we have a crucial responsibility to:

-stay at home unless we have to travel

-support our frontline heroes

-help the most vulnerable

-protect our little people

I am a Coach, Consultant and Trainer but I am not a Teacher so I am not going to try to be one, instead I am going to do my best to work where I can and look after the children. I have some virtual coaching sessions this week (which I can't wait for) and 3 little ones to play and learn with.

Here are my top tips for the next few days.

1) Be kind to yourself - you can only do what you can do, it's as simple as that

2) Don't feel any pressure to follow any set curriculum at all (we aren't) and OFSTED aren't visiting any time soon!

3) Accept that little people are going to pop up and say hi on some of your virtual meetings - embrace it and don't apologise for it

4) If you can only do one thing with your children - READ - it's good for them and you 5) Take one day at a time - I am a planner by nature but this mantra is helping me!

We've got this…..

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