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Choice and Change

Happy Friday,

Following on from the resilience pyramid I shared last week, I came across this quote and loved the simplicity and also the reality of this in relation to our choice of mindset around change.

I've been exploring the power of ‘towards language’ as opposed to 'away from language’ with a coaching client this week – focusing on all the things they want to achieve from their coaching to help them in their work and life. I've challenged them to reframe how they choose to view the changes ahead for them.

For example….

⭐️It may not work – It may well work

⭐️They won’t like it – I will listen to them to understand their views first

⭐️I can’t achieve that goal – I can work towards achieving that goal

⭐️It won’t change – It can change

⭐️I am always thinking of the worst case – I can challenge myself to think the opposite

⭐️I am impatient – I can challenge myself to pause before reacting

⭐️They won’t do it how I want it done – They may do it even better!

⭐️It’s impossible – It’s possible

It’s a great little exercise to challenge yourself with an opposing thought to the negative one you may be experiencing - when you do this the change ahead can often become a lot more achievable for you.

Have a great weekend.


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