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Confident Me

Happy Friday,

I wanted to share this fabulous visual today that my brilliant client has given me permission to share.

This is the result of a specific confidence mind-mapping exercise I took them through as part of their Arch inspire 5C’s coaching programme. I’ve worked with this client for 4 months and the results they have achieved for themselves professionally and personally are simply outstanding, just 16 weeks on.

They were referred to me by a long standing coaching and consulting client. I was so impressed with this creation and the work they do on a day to day basis that I have now asked them to do some propositional and branding design work for Arch inspire – what goes around comes around!

This visual for me presents my clients;

-new found confidence










I feel proud, honoured and privileged to have worked with them and am delighted we will continue to do so.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead.


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