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Creating your confidence -Confidence Tip 3

I wanted to share two great things that I've encountered this week that cement the importance of resilience and its impact on confidence.

My daughter goes to a swim squad every Monday evening - this week I went with her and she did a timed swim. On the way home she told me she'd done 68 lengths so I asked her how it had gone. She said this...

"Well when I get in I think to myself I can do this and it's easy and then I just do it, if I get in and think it will be hard then it normally is hard so I decide to think that I can do it as I've done it before."

I reflected on this all the way home - at the age of 9 she is tapping into her resilience and past experience to fuel her self-belief. Crucially she's making a choice on how she's using her mindset - something we focus on a lot.

I met one of my first coaching clients today for a long over-due catch up and was struck by how far she has come with her confidence, conviction and belief in her ability both now and it the future. I know she uses the reservoir of resilience 4 years on and it works. It's wonderful to see people grow, develop and start to believe in their abilities. The earlier we can help young people explore and identify the choice, control and oodles of capability they have the better.


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