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Diary of a CEO

Happy Friday!

I received this book in the post from two of my clients last week – so thoughtful given we had been discussing Steven Bartlett recently. I took so much away from his life and business speaking tour that I went to see in Birmingham earlier this year and this book has been on my list for a while. 

The Diary of a CEO shares Steven’s experience and lessons learnt, segmented into 33 laws which are divided into four key pillars:

✨The Self

✨The Story

✨The Philosophy

✨The Team

The Self: Focuses on our personal well-being and mental health. He emphasises the importance of breaking bad habits and prioritising health as foundational to success.

The Story: This pillar highlights the power of storytelling and personal branding. He encourages us to embrace the unique and even the absurd elements of our story to stand out and attract attention.

The Philosophy: Steven discusses broader life philosophies that guide successful individuals. This section is about cultivating a mindset that can support us to handle setbacks and remain focused on our long-term goals, whilst celebrating our successes along the way. 

 The Team: This pillar centres on the importance of surrounding ourselves with the right people and building strong and supportive teams. He also shares leadership strategies that foster trust, collaboration, and high performance within teams. This section resonates strongly for me, given one of my favourite quotes is: – ‘surround yourself by people who lift you higher’.

It’s packed full of tangible take-aways, thought-provoking quotes and easy to follow strategies. It’s also brilliantly laid out and is visually great to read.

I highly recommend this book and the podcast ‘Diary of A CEO’. Thank you to my wonderful clients for buying this for me. 

Have a super weekend ahead!


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