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Find space for Green Space

Happy Friday!

I wanted to share this 15 minute podcast episode by Dr Michael Mosley ‘’Just One Thing' - How nature can improve our physical and mental well-being.

Spending time in a green space has been scientifically proven to both reduce stress and improve our immune system. In essence nature can help us calm what needs calming and strengthen what needs strengthening. I know I’ve benefited from spending more time with nature over the last year. I've also helped clients commit to getting outside more to improve their focus, energy, productivity and overall well-being.

The podcast explores how being with nature can help us to:

🌳feel good in the moment

🌳manage our stress levels

🌳boost our immune system

🌳use all our senses to benefit from nature

🌳stop and engage in all we have around us

🌳reduce our introspection levels when we are feeling over-whelmed

🌳increase our overall focus and productivity

Michael encourages us to try and find an extra 20 mins a day to spend time in a green space – a garden, a park, a field, by a river or even a tree lined street – this is ‘one thing to do’ that is good for us and helps our mental and physical health.

I'm looking forward to my outdoor meeting today ☺️


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