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Great Leadership is a network

Happy Friday,

I wanted to share this impactful TED talk this week by Gitte Frederiksen, a Management Consultant and a Partner at Boston Consulting Group who challenges us to explore the following:

- What if leadership at work wasn't for a select few, but rather shared among many

-How to create a recipe for distributed leadership - dynamic, multidimensional networks of leaders that tap into everyone's skill, knowledge and creativity.

I've watched this talk twice and have taken so much from it. Much of the work I do with Leaders challenges them to drive greater accountability and responsibility across and within teams at every level. The work I do with them (often using psychometrics) encourages them to focus on harnessing creativity, ideas, opportunities from everyone regardless of title, role or experience. It also lessens key dependency, reduces risk and removes the labels that can box us in.

Here is the link...

Have a great weekend!


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