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Values - Why they matter

Happy Friday!

I have been exploring values with a number of clients this week. This focus has made me reflect on my own values and guiding principles that helped me establish Arch inspire close to 5 years ago now.

Identifying and understanding my values then living and acting by them every day has helped me in my life and in my work - when times have been good and when times have been tough. Those who know me well and work closely with me know what my own values are because they see, hear and feel them when I communicate, share, listen and question. They guide and drive my behaviour, my decision making, my way of working and being.

I love working with clients (both with individuals and teams) to help them explore, identify and harness their own values in order to help drive and guide changes and decisions they want to make. One of the books I'm currently reading is 'The Squiggly Career' by Helen Tupper & Sarah Ellis. They discuss why our values matter in our careers as they fundamentally ensure we can be ourselves at work, help us find purpose in what we do, build our empathy with others and help us make better decisions. Our own values also help us to find alignment with the values that the companies we work with hold. If you work with a company where there is clear alignment and synergy of yours and their values, you'll gain far more enjoyment, fulfilment and have a greater sense of belonging and connection.

If you'd like to find our more about how I work with individuals and teams in this area, please do get in touch.


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