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Happy Friday Collection - Guide 2

Updated: Mar 1

Happy Friday and welcome to the second 'Happy Friday Collection' guide.

I’m delighted to share the second pocket guide today which is directly downloadable below. You can also be added to our monthly Happy Friday Collection mailing list so please drop me a note if you want to be added.

This second guide – 'The iceberg of behaviours' will support you to explore and identify how your emotions, values and beliefs impact your own behaviour and actions and how being more aware of them and in control of them, will enhance the results you can achieve. This guide is also particularly useful for those who lead or manage others.

In this guide we focus on the following....

1) A reminder of the 5C’s model which underpins the Arch inspire’s coaching programme.

2) The importance of understanding and using our own behavioural iceberg to increase our own self-awareness of our behaviour and actions (and to support others to do the same).

3) A challenge aligned to support you to recognise and understand, what goes on underneath the surface for you (and for others) and to then use this to drive positive behaviour, performance and results.

My belief is that we all have the capability in life to lead ourselves to achieve what we are truly capable of so please share this guide with the teams you work with as well as friends, family and anyone who you feel would benefit from using it.

Have a great weekend ahead. 

Happy Friday Collection Guide 2
Download PDF • 789KB


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