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I'm possible versus impossible

Happy Friday!

I found this brilliant quote in a book given to me by my sister and decided to share it, following on from my post last week on the process we can often go through, to get from 'I can't' to 'I did it'.

I've never really thought too deeply about the word 'impossible' before but this quote has challenged me to. It made me think of the times I have heard the word from others or myself when feeling overwhelmed by a situation or a task ahead. I've challenged myself and my clients more than ever this week to think and feel towards what is possible.

In coaching conversations I always encourage my clients to focus on 'towards language' as opposed to 'away language' to help them visualise, think and feel what is possible. I am going to use this visual with my clients and my children from now on too.

Take a moment today to consider changing your perspective from 'impossible' to 'I'm possible' and consider events where you moved from a feeling of impossibility to possibility and then to reality. This thought process took me back to running the London Marathon after getting shin splints 3 weeks before, at the time it felt like a complete impossibility! I know my shift in thinking and mindset got me to mile 26!

Have a great weekend all.


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