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Happy Friday!

When I was a Managing Consultant, my mentor taught me the importance of making the intangible tangible when describing what I did to support and serve others. I’ve worked hard over the years to try and do this when I explain what I do to help individuals, teams and businesses as a coach and consultant.

In the early days of Arch inspire I found this tricky at times but over the years I've become more and more confident in this area. I always strive to get better and better at this and recommendations from my clients and case-studies, in my view are one of the most powerful ways to do this.

The vast majority of all my work comes from recommendation and it’s powerful for my clients to explain to others the difference I make, the impact I have and the resulting return on investment they achieve when working with me, given they are the ones experiencing it.

I received a client recommendation this week and I think this extract captures what I do and how I am to work with well. I am very grateful for these words and the opportunity to work with this amazing client.

Challenge yourself to ask those you work with and also those you know well to articulate for you the impact you have and the difference you make – you may also surprise yourself about how valued you really are!

Have a great weekend.


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