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It's Friday

It's Friday, 🇺🇦 I thought long and hard about this weeks post and what I could share or write about. Ukraine and the events of the last week have occupied the vast majority of my thoughts this week as they have for millions of us round the world. I was with a long standing client yesterday and facilitated a session which focused on harnessing our motivation and self-awareness to achieve, confidence and resilience. I have recently started following President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Instagram and am in awe of his and Ukraines bravery and incredible resilience in the very worst of times - we were discussing his incredible leadership and the country's bravery yesterday. It's incomprehensible to see the events unfolding and the impact it's having on Ukraine as well as the people of Russia who do not want this war. The situation makes me reflect on how very very fortunate we are for all we have. I went for a stroll around the grounds after the session yesterday and admired the daffodils and snow drops - it made me realise how fortunate I am right now to even be able to do this - something we just take for granted. Take care of each other this weekend, pray for the people of Ukraine, donate if you can, hug your family and friends tight and take a moment to reflect on all that you do have. 💙💛 #leadership #resilience #motivation #courage #bravery


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