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Less Scrolling, More Strolling

Happy Friday!

Despite the inclement UK weather right now, I have been reminded over the last few weeks of the power of walking and all it gives us. Just this week I've had discussions with three of my coaching clients who are embracing walking more to help them do just some of the following:

⭐️ Create time for themselves

⭐️ Increase their focus 

⭐️ Create clarity of thoughts and feelings

⭐️ Develop their decision making

⭐️ Enhance awareness of all that is around them

⭐️ Sleep better

⭐️ Feel better

⭐️ Exercise

⭐️ Appreciate nature

⭐️ Create calm

⭐️ Feel and be more in the moment

I'm challenging myself to put my phone down more and be more in the moment. This week I've made a conscious effort to do this. I walked the twins to school without my phone yesterday, this is what happened on the way back after dropping them off:

  • I noticed a tree I had never spotted before – I have done the walk thousands of times over the years

  • I noticed the beautiful new plants a neighbour had planted

  • I thought about what I am looking forward to at the weekend and in the months ahead

  • I thought about a dear friend that I have not spoken to for a while (I called her later in the day as a result)

  • I listened to the birds

  • I made a decision about something I’ve been deliberating on for some days

  • I watched two cats playing 

  • I decided to walk the longer way home

  • I felt calm

  • I felt peaceful

  • I was in the moment

The walk back was 30 minutes – time well spent – I don’t think I would have achieved even 10% of this if I’d had my phone on! If it’s not safe to leave your phone, challenge yourself to put it on silent, disable notifications and keep it in your pocket when you are walking. When I got home and picked my phone up from the desk - the messages were still there, the news was still there, social media was still there, UK politics was still there! The 30 minute walk back was the highlight of my day.

Have a great weekend and challenge yourself to do less scrolling and more strolling!


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