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Lift others higher!

Happy Friday!

I was fortunate to be part of EDGE's virtual Leadership Discussion this week, where the focus was on 'Female Leadership' - a great discussion on current corporate challenges and opportunities, attitudes to gender in the workplace and the impact this has had on career journeys and progression. It was a thought-provoking, challenging and stimulating discussion.

It helped me reflect on my own Leadership journey as both a female and also as a mother. It triggered me to think about those that have helped me on my own journey. We talked about the importance of strong mentors and role-models and how crucial they are.

I shared my experience of having a Grandmother who inspired me to go and get what I wanted in life and helped me see from her own experiences and career choices that being a female in the workplace was not something that was going to hold her back.

I also shared how my mentor has helped me over the last 12 years to 'just go for it' - both when I was a Leader in the corporate space and since starting Arch inspire 5 years ago. I was never made to feel different being a female leader to anyone else in the room. Even when I had a high-risk pregnancy with twins I never felt excluded or inferior - this is a testament to his leadership approach and who he is as a person. Unfortunately my journey is not the case for so many others and we must and can do much better to address this inequality.

We can start by role-modelling and lifting those around us higher.

Thank you Michael KellyMark Panayides and Louise Panayides for inviting me and to Lou Macari for being a role-model who always lifts me higher.


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