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Merry Christmas

Happy Friday,

I wanted to share this quote which has resonated for me so much over the past few days.

Phil and I went to lay some flowers at Babbs Mill Lake yesterday in memory of the four beautiful boys who lost their lives in such a tragic accident. I've thought about their families and friends so much this week and cannot comprehend the grief, trauma and heartache they will be experiencing. Whilst we read the tributes and messages it made me reflect more than ever that family and friends are everything.

I hope you have the most wonderful Christmas and New Year break. Thank you to my wonderful clients who I’ve loved working with this year (particularly so many of my existing clients who have referred me to new clients too) - it's appreciated more than I can express.

I am excited for next year - for the new projects I have ahead and for being able to make a difference to so many businesses, teams and individuals. I'm very fortunate that I get to do work I love with so many incredible people who want to lead and develop themselves and others – it’s a privilege, which I never take for granted.

Hug those around you tight this Christmas. See you in 2023 (and if you’re a parent /carer of a Y7 who has just completed their first term and crawled through the last week - respect)


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