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Patience and Persistence

A note about the power of patience today....

I received the following last week from a client I’d been working with during lockdown last year (we first met virtually when they were still living overseas and then continued to work together as they relocated to the UK). These words made me really reflect on the value of patience and also persistence.

‘I wanted to let you know that I will be starting a new role in May: Head of Legal for a global healthcare company. It's exactly the role I imagined during our strategy sessions - it only took a year to materialise!'

Working with my client enabled them to really focus on their skills, strengths, experience and crucially their values. I know they are going to fly in this new role as they have worked so hard to really understand what they bring to the party, what is important to them and the importance of not settling for a role that doesn’t align to their core values and how they want to live their life. I am super proud of them for being so patient and so committed to their existing role during this process.

Take a few moments today and consider if there is something where you know you would benefit from exercising patience as well as persistence – this could be a personal or professional matter. As an individual I am pretty goal orientated and find it hard to sit still however when I reflect on this I know I’ve shown patience over the last 7 months during our house extension and refurbishment. I’ve also reflected where more patience at times throughout would have helped me stay calmer – we are all a work in progress!


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