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Steve Bartlett's Tour Learns

Happy Friday,

I had the pleasure of attending the Steven Bartlett ‘Business & Life Speaking Tour’ last night at the Birmingham Symphony Hall. A brilliant evening which was inspiring, motivating and got me thinking!

So many take-aways for me to reflect on over the coming days and so many reflections on my journey since founding Arch inspire as well as on my life as a whole.

Just a few captured below that resonated for me….

✨ Accept and embrace that failure is part of success - learn to fail more in order

to learn

✨ Lean in and embrace what’s ahead - AI is here!

✨ Have the courage to say what you mean and then act on it

✨ Do what you are best at

✨ Paint the back of the fence - detail matters

✨ Invest in yourself and invest in others - always

✨ Team is absolutely everything

✨ Celebrate the small

✨ People pleasing results in your own unhappiness

✨ We have limited time on this planet - make it count - decide what you want to

do most with the time you have every day

✨ Don’t take the time we have for granted - things can change in a second

Thank you Caroline Creba for a brilliant evening and for organising the tickets too. It was great to bump into some of my clients and familiar faces too!

Have a great weekend ahead!


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