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Success Measures - why they matter

Happy Friday!

I shared a book recommendation earlier this month - No Hard Feelings - (Emotions at Work).

A client I am working with is currently reading it and also came across this image. It helped them to reflect on our recent session where we had done an exercise to explore what success meant for them and their business. I challenged them to consider both quantitative and qualitative measures and also encouraged them to spend time with their teams to explore what success meant to them.

Some of the outputs were as follows: time with team members and clients, attractive salary and benefits, opportunity to learn new skills and take courses/qualifications, feeling valued and listened to, autonomy and creativity, flexible working, giving to charitable causes and having fun. We are now focusing on how they can now implement new initiatives to drive forward these success measures.

When I first established Arch inspire my mentor asked me this... 'When you look back at your first 5 years in business how will you know you've been successful?' It helped me consider and define what success really meant for me personally and professionally - it's helped me to stay focused, to continually challenge myself, learn from mistakes, celebrate achievements and to be kinder to myself.


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