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Thank Those Who Help You On Your Way

Happy Friday!

This week I met with my first ever 5C’s Coaching Programme client, who I worked with in 2016 when I started Arch inspire. We haven’t seen each other since before the pandemic and it was brilliant to catch up.  It reminded me of the importance of…

⭐️remembering and appreciating all the people who help us achieve what we want to do and ⭐️continually thanking those who help us. 

My client was the first to commit to the Arch inspire 5C’s programme and whilst the programme continually evolves, adapts and changes, the purpose of the programme has not – to inspire people to lead themselves and others both professionally and personally to achieve their full potential. 

I am so grateful to my client for trusting me and wanting to work with me all those years ago – I will never forget them either! 

Expressing gratitude, acknowledging and thanking those who help us on our way to success is essential for several reasons:

1. Fostering Positive Relationships 

2. Motivating and Inspiring ourselves and others 

3. Building a Supportive Network 

4. Encouraging Teamwork and a Culture of Appreciation 

5. Promoting a Positive Reputation 

7. Strengthening Emotional Bonds

8. Enhancing Personal Growth 

9. Encouraging Reciprocity 

Expressing thanks and acknowledging the contributions of others is not just a courtesy; it's a meaningful practice that contributes to personal and collective success and really builds strong, respectful and successful relationships.

Challenge – Take a moment and think about one individual who has really helped you in the last 12 months (this can be a professional or personal connection to you).  Take a moment today to reach out and thank them for the support they show, the difference they make and how they positively impact you (and others). 

It feels great to say thank you and it feels great to be thanked. This simple commitment today will have a real impact for them and you. 

Have a great weekend ahead.


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