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Thank You

Happy Friday,

Gratitude is the simplest, most powerful way to acknowledge another person's value and humanity.

I have been thinking a lot over the last week about the importance and power of saying thank you. I've received thanks and given thanks a lot over the last 7 days.........

-I have personally thanked the NHS for looking after me this week.

-I have thanked my daughters' teacher for his brilliant teaching.

-I have taken a long standing client out for lunch to thank them for choosing to work with me.

-I received a lovely thank you and a surprise gift from a coaching client I've been working with over the last 3 months.

-I thanked my brother in law for cooking us a lovely meal to celebrate my sisters birthday and thanked my niece for organising such a lovely surprise for her.

-I've thanked the wonderful school Mum who is co-ordinating efforts to get supplies and donations ready for a Turkish Airlines cargo flight out to Turkey to help with rescue and relief efforts.

-I received thanks for listening to my friend who just wanted someone to listen.

Take a few minutes today to thank those people who make a difference to you and to others. It feels great to receive thanks and it feels great to give thanks.

Have a great weekend.


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