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The Fred Factor - Annie's got it

Happy Friday,

I spent Monday morning of this week with a brilliant photographer Annie who I was introduced to by a close connection of mine who is currently developing my new website. In all honesty I've been putting off getting professional headshots for far too long as I'm not a fan of having my picture taken. My mentor and also a good friend recently challenged me that my new website needs to have more images of me given the work I do.

I ended up spending over 3 hours with Annie and she was awesome, what struck me above anything else is the sheer passion and energy she has for her work - she clearly loves what she does and it shows. She put me at ease, we had fun, laughed lots and I was so happy with the sneak preview she gave me of the images. It prompted me to think about a book I love called the Fred Factor, that a long standing client introduced me to years ago. Fred is a mail carrier who passionately loves his job and cares about people he serves by regularly going the extra mile. It's so worth a read and at around 100 pages is a great little book. As you can see the image of mine has lots of post it notes to remind me of key themes and ideas I often dip into.

Mark Sanborn encourages us to:

-use our passion in life and work to turn the ordinary into extraordinary

-make a real difference everyday

-become more successful by building strong relationships

-create real value for others

-constantly reinvent ourselves

I've thought since Monday how Annie made me feel and the impression she left. I hope you look her up - she's incredibly talented, professional, so much fun and her passion for her career is infectious.


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