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The Happy Friday Collection - Guide One

Updated: Jan 29

Happy Friday and welcome to the first ever 'Happy Friday Collection' guide too!

I’m delighted to share the first pocket guide today (directly downloadable below) which centres on the importance of your values and how they are integral to your goals, ambitions and your purpose (your WHY).

The guide gives you.....

✨An introduction and overview of the 5C’s model which underpins Arch inspire’s coaching programme.

✨A focus on the first element of the 5C’s model - ‘Creation’ and the importance of identifying and understanding your core values to help you realise why you want to achieve, progress or make a change.

✨A challenge aligned to support you to both identify and explore your core values and to start to be more in tune and in sync with your core values professionally and personally.

My belief is that we all have the capability in life to lead ourselves to achieve what we are truly capable of so please share this guide with the teams you work with as well as friends, family and anyone who you feel would benefit from using this guide.

This guide can also be e-mailed monthly directly to your in-box by request.

I shared last week, the importance of thanking those that help you on your way. My biggest of thanks today goes to the brilliant Lisa Steward at Zero-five for her wonderful creativity, talent, patience and support to help me launch this guide - I am so grateful to you.

Have a super weekend ahead!

GUIDE ONE The Happy Friday Collection
Download PDF • 1.34MB


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