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The Happy Friday Collection - Guide 6

Happy Friday and welcome to the 6th edition of ‘The Happy Friday Collection’!

The latest guide is focused on 'Practicing Gratitude' A focus area for many clients that I work with. 

This guide will support you to understand what gratitude is and why it is so important and beneficial for you. It will help you to identify different ways that you can simply and easily practice gratitude daily and weekly.

You can also undertake a ‘practice gratitude challenge’ to start to embed the habit of having an ‘attitude of gratitude’. This guide is particularly useful for those who want to realise the psychological, physical and social benefits of expressing and practicing gratitude more in their lives. 

I challenge myself daily to acknowledge three things I am grateful for. 

Today they are:

⭐️ The wonderful weather we have been having

⭐️ Amy's exciting school trip today

⭐️ The weekend ahead in London with my sisters, my niece and Amy

Have a super weekend and I hope you enjoy this guide.

Guide 6 The Happy Friday Collection
Download PDF • 1.38MB


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