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The Power of a Great Coach

Happy Friday!

I have recently received the below from a long standing client. I have worked closely with her and her organisation for over 3.5 years now.  She is a pleasure to work with and is deeply committed to her organisations' growth and development as well as her own. 

Her words signify why I do what I do and why I love what I do.  Supporting others to develop, grow and achieve their true capability and potential is simply magical!

The great coaches and mentors that I have in my life have done this for me in spades. I am always so grateful to them as their coaching and support over the years has quite simply changed my life.  I am also fortunate to have great relationships and friendships with many fabulous coaches and mentors who do this every day for others too.

"Through this coaching programme I have transformed my leadership communication style. Through focusing my energies on my circle of control, and by nurturing my assertiveness, this has enabled me to approach challenging relationships and situations with greater confidence, resulting in positive outcomes. It has helped me improve my presence, allowing for greater active participation and contribution in specific group settings where I would previously have shied away to avoid creating a scene or jeopardising relationships by letting certain emotions show. The process of coaching has really helped me to recognise my blind spots, see things from another's perspective, and has given me simple and effective tools that help ‘me to manage me’ and to communicate more effectively and build stronger relationships."

I love to hear stories of what great coaches and mentors have done for individuals, teams and businesses. I’d love to hear your successes! 

Have a super weekend ahead and enjoy the ⚽ if you are watching!


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