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What Are Your Core Values?

Updated: Feb 5

Happy Friday & Happy February!

Following on from the launch of the 'Happy Friday Collection' last Friday, I’ve been reflecting closely on my own values this week. 

My core values are integrity, honesty and responsibility.  I've been observing how my values have played out over the course of this week; in just some of the following interactions with others....

  • The time spent with one of my longest standing coaching and consulting clients 

  • The conversations I’ve had with my coach this week

  • A discussion I had with a new individual I am mentoring 

  • The discussions I've had with my daughter 

  • A new coaching programme I have started 

  • Support I have given to a friend 

  • Time I have spent on myself this week

It’s extremely insightful when you are clear on your core values, how they really underpin what you say, what you do and why, how you behave, how you show up, how you treat others and how you treat yourself.  

These two visuals which I also have printed have been so impactful for me this week.  My own apple core reminds me of who I choose to be and why and how this makes me think and feel.

Challenge  – What are your core values?  - Spend some time reflecting on which values would form your core. You can use The Happy Friday Collection - Guide One to help you do this.  It’s a great practice to see your values visually so you can see them and tune into them every day. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts and see your values apple core!

Have a great weekend ahead.


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