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Why do we what we do?

Happy Friday!

A key focus of my work with clients focuses on WHY, hence my love of Simon Sinek's book - 'Start with WHY'.

  • Why do we do what we do?

  • Why do we want to make a change?

  • Why do we want to develop ourselves?

  • Why do we want to continue on this path or alter our path?

When I work with clients who are wanting to make changes within their business we focus on the importance of understanding and clarifying the why for:

  • clients / customers

  • the business

  • the leaders and crucially

  • every individual who works within the business

It's the same when working with private coaching clients. I challenge them on their WHY both professionally and personally.

I also challenge myself to do the same for Arch inspire. My purpose is to inspire others to lead themselves and others. When I receive testimonials like this, it cements why I do what I do and why I love it! I love seeing the change, growth and development in businesses, teams and individuals. I love seeing the realisation in my clients' of what's possible and achievable with support, encouragement, healthy challenge and a commitment to take action.

I find that when I read back testimonials from clients like this and see the results they are achieving it reinforces my own WHY even more.


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