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Just One Thing

Happy Friday!

A book recommendation for you today - a simple, quick and impactful read. I've loved reading this over the week. 

'Just One Thing' by Dr Michael Mosley is a health and wellness book that offers accessible, actionable and practical scientifically supported strategies and guidance to encourage us to make small but impactful changes, which we can incorporate into our daily lives to improve our physical health and our well-being. 

I’ve followed Michael Mosely over the years and was so saddened by his recent and sudden passing.  I was also an avid listener of his ‘Just One Thing’ podcast that he started during the Covid lockdown. You can access his podcasts through BBC sounds and they are well worth listening to. 

The rationale behind his strategies are to:

⭐️ Keep it simple

⭐️ Be realistic

⭐️ Create a trigger

⭐️ Know why you are doing it (your WHY)

⭐️ Stick with it for at least a month

⭐️ Work to displace bad habits with good ones

⭐️ Do it daily

⭐️ Involve and friend or loved one for accountability and also fun

⭐️ Be kind to yourself

⭐️ Keep a record

It’s a short and easy to read book, well laid out in sections and supported by lovely illustrations. Some of my favourite ‘just one things’ from Michael include:

💡 Singing in the morning

💡 Standing on one leg

💡 Taking deep breaths

💡 Taking a nap

💡 Getting house plants

💡 Learning a new skill

💡 Going to green spaces

💡 Counting your blessings

I hope you enjoy this book if you decide to buy it. 

Have a super weekend ahead and enjoy some sun!


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